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What is the preparatory faculty (preparatory courses)?
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Preparatory faculty (or preparatory courses)

Education in another country is always connected with immersion in a foreign environment, culture, language. A full life in another country (not to mention work) is impossible without basic knowledge of the language. To smooth this intercultural and language transition, make it more soft and comfortable, preparatory courses have been created at Russian universities.

What is it?
The preparatory faculty is a full-fledged curriculum, lasting 1 academic year (from autumn to spring of the next year) with final exams and a certificate.
Students of the preparatory faculty receive an invitation from the university to apply for a visa (the purpose of entry is courses), then they conclude a contract for the provision of educational services. Then the students attend classes at the university and live in the hostel (the university is obliged to provide the hostel to all comers).
Differences from the main program (Bachelor, Master, Specialist) - no entrance exams.

What are the preparatory courses taught?
The main place in the curriculum of the preparatory courses is the Russian language. The vast number of students who have completed the courses (more than 90%) know the Russian language at the level of at least B1 and enter the main programs of study at the selected universities.
In addition to the Russian language, the training program provides for the elimination of gaps related to the differences in education systems in different countries, as well as prepares students in core subjects for admission to the main program.

Who needs the courses and why?
All foreign citizens wishing to study in Russia and who did not pass the Russian language proficiency test (level B1 and higher) are required the preparatory faculty.
Those who know Russian, but not sure how well and is there enough to absorb new knowledge effectively - is highly desirable.
Today in the Russian universities there are more and more programs and faculties where it is possible to study in foreign languages (mainly English). However, most of the training is still in Russian.

What else do preparatory courses provide?
Do not underestimate their social importance: the opportunity to communicate with students, teachers, the opportunity to better learn the university, Russia, to establish connections and acquaintances.
In addition, all foreign students entering the preparatory faculty receive the necessary support from the staff of international departments of universities: consultations on educational, domestic, legal and other issues. Often in universities such students are helped by volunteers.

Start your education in Russia with preparatory courses and learn comfortably!

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