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What are the requirements for admission to universities in Russia?
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For admission to the university for a bachelor's or specialty program, you must finish the school, college or lyceum and have a relevant document on the secondary education you have received.
For countries with the French education system, the bachelor's diploma of completing secondary education (not to be confused with a university bachelor's degree - bac licençe) is the basic document that allows entering the university.
To enter the Master program, you must have a bachelor's degree. For the French system - bac licence.
For admission to postmaster programs (postgraduate study, PhD) you must have a diploma of a specialist or a master's degree.
All applicants for the basic programs (all listed above) take the entrance exams in the language of studying (Russian or English).
For applicants to the preparatory faculties ( there are no exams, only a passport and a document on the education received (minimum - average) are needed.
Read more about the Russian education system here:
For more information on the selection procedure and receipts, click here:
In any case, you will need a valid passport and a document on education.

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